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Congratulations to Sophia and Tom, who came 2nd and 8th in the foil at the 2019 London Summer Novice and Intermediate competition!

Beginners course to start on the 13th September at the Littledown Centre and 17th September at the Scout Hut. See beginner course page for details.

Junior sessions will restart in 6th and 10th September

Juniors sessions close for the summer on 16th and 19th July. All juniors welcome to attend the senior sessions 8.00 to 10.00!

Congratulations to the U14’s that competed last weekend!

Our A team won the gold medal, our B team won many matches in remarkable comebacks, while the C and D teams did really well and enjoyed the competition.

Well Done to all fencers that competed in the GB Cup and U10’s Development Cup!

Seb was placed 13th in men’s epee, while Tom came 25th in the men’s foil in the GB Cup.

Caragh won the bronze medal, while Ethan placed 8th in the foil at the U10’s development Cup.

Thank You Dennis Ward 1929-2019

Dennis Ward had a fencing career for about 70 years. It started when he took up the sport following his decision to join the Royal Navy. Then following his return to civilian life continued with the sport, then subsequently joined Espada Fencing Club in Bournemouth. Where he was a member for over 4 decades. He took an active part not only in fencing all three weapons, but in helping to manage the club. For many years he looked after the financial side of the club. He also planned the movement of kit in storage and the construction of new storage facilities when the club moved from one venue to another.

He was also active and held office within the Hampshire Fencing Union and Southern region. He was a regular in competitions and I recall over many years going to London and other competitions around the UK with fellow fencer John Payne competing as individuals and as a three man Epee team. He became a regular fencer with the Vets again fencing around the UK and in Europe where he achieved success gaining European Bronze medals usually with Sabre.

He qualified as a referee and was a regular official at junior competitions where he could be found refereeing matches of all three weapons. He presented a trophy to the club for our junior Epeeists to compete for and took great pleasure in presenting this to the winner. He was awarded the Bronze medal by British Fencing for his services to the sport. He retired from Espada about 5 years ago due to his ill health.

Thank you Dennis for your support, motivation and memories.

Brian Speight


Espada FC Bournemouth

No Junior Session On Tuesday 28th May

All juniors are welcome to attend the senior session on the 28th May at 8.00pm 

Club Championships 14th April

Espada club championships

These will be held on Sunday 14th April at the Littledown Centre for all ages and weapons.